Friday, 7 September 2012

Nearly All Black

Happy Friday Lovely people! 

I got this sheer dress top going for 8 dollars from a local shop in town and I immediately fell for it (how I like a good buy). I like how light the fabric is considering the weather here is hot most of the time. I can wear it on a sunny or cold day by adding a jacket or blazer. The only challenge about this dress top is that it is see through and I might have to add a lining.

Many thanks to my dear friend for taking these pictures for me. We in deed had a good time chatting and laughing through the photo session. The weather was gloomy and of course I had to add color to brighten up the look with my must have paper bead bracelet and earrings. If you have been reading this blog you will notice my love for these colored paper beads. They have become one of my must have accessories as I normally react to metallic jewellery, so the fact that they are made of paper!!!! Wooop! Woop! No more skin irritation from metals.  In future I will take you through a close up take on how they make these paper beads :) (very interesting in deed) watch out for this space.

Friday is here :) of course I am excited. I am looking forward to my friend Deidra’s wedding. I featured her in my past post HERE as we gave her a surprise bridal shower. I will be a bridesmaid and this is a BIG thing for me. As I grew up, we really moved a lot and I never had a chance to be a flower girl or bridesmaid in any of my friend’s or relatives weddings coz I was not there. This is the second wedding in my life to be a bridesmaid :) so it’s a BIG deal for me. I am happy to be there for Deidra at this happy and memorable time in her life. I hope to capture good pictures that I will share with you next week :)

What are you up to this weekend? Feel free to say something.

God bless you all.


  1. Love the all black look. Looks great on you. And thanks for stopping by my blog. *hugs*

    You might also wanna see one of my "all black" look:

    Loving your blog

    1. Thanxs Mauldeen, iv checked it out and as i told you i am hooked onto your blog LOL! Hugs

  2. Hey love, am do loving your blog. The all black look is really classy.

    1. Thanxs Hun! i love it too. Thanxs for stopping by :)


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