Thursday, 20 September 2012

Joe & Deidra's Wedding

Hi dear ones!

I hope your day is going well. I am doing fine and today's post is about a wedding i had the privilege of being part of here in Jinja, Uganda.

I am excited to share with you wedding pictures of Deidra and Joe as promised in my post HERE. I have featured Deidra before on this blog as we had a surprise bridal shower for her HERE. Dee (as we call her) was one of my first friends in this country when i arrived and she made my stay in this place worth my while as we got to know each other. 

The beautiful bride during the make up session before the wedding ceremony.

Daddy walking the bride down the isle

Bride and groom getting joined.

It was such an emotional ceremony, the groom and bride cried as they took the vows and we all could not hold back our tears.

Finally joined :)

Joe and Deidra with their children.

Bridal party team

Loved the variety of cake flavours they had to offer. Each table had a cake to ravage :) 

My lovely husband and i were glad to be part of this lovely wedding. My husband is carrying Nicholas, who is Joe and Deidra's last child.

This is the Rain Forest Lodge, one of the best place i have been in Uganda. It is located in the Mabira Forest and it has a cozy, elegant feel to it. Loved the standard of excellence this lodge had to offer from the welcome by the staff, to the scrumptious cuisine. Loved it!

This is was the reception area.

God bless you both Dee and Joe! May this mark the beginning of the unending love you both have for each other. To find out more about Deidra, check out her blog HERE and her website HERE

So there we go, i guess am a sucker for love :) love to celebrate good people. 

Have a fabulous day guys!


  1. This an awesome wedding. and the photos were beautifully captured. Lovely

    1. I totally agree with u, a lovely day it was. Thanks for stopping by :)


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