Friday, 28 September 2012

Introducing Matooke Design

Hi guys!

How is your day so far? i hope you are all doing fine. I am suffocating with the heat in this place. Today has been so hot and concentrating at work has been a problem. So Friday is here :) what are you guys unto this weekend?

Today i am excited to introduce to you pieces of paper bead jewellery i really like to have. Constant followers of this blog have seen me wear this kind of jewellery in posts such as HEREHERE and HERE. Yes i know am a fanatic and just love paper bead jewellery.

So i visited Kendra, a friend of mine who is the founder and director of Matooke Design here in Jinja. Matooke, (also known as east African highland bananas) are Uganda's national staple food. The green matooke fruits are for cooking only – ideally steamed on an open fire. 

Kendra took time to explain to me the reason of their existence in this town and i was blown away by their good work in the community.

Matooke Design is composed of a tribe of artists gathered with one mission: to use their creative process as a weapon against poverty. 

Their Mission is to Sow knowledge, Feed creativity and Inspire change. They sow Knowledge within their workforce not just by learning the process of creating a product from concept to production, but all employees must attend vocational skills training and business courses. This process allows both artists, students, and village women alike to understand how to create a budget, run a small business, save, invest, and apply marketable skills for a sustainable future.

They feed creativity in their workforce when every product launched gives the artists the opportunity to further strengthen their skills, think innovatively, and provide the stepping stones for them to start & build their own businesses around their individual creative passions. 

Change is inspired when one promotes Matooke Design. This inspires the young adults to pursue their dreams, mothers to open small businesses, and all people to question the world around them and ask for better; better wages, ethical fashion, and greater opportunity.

I just enjoy each piece they have created right from the different necklaces, bracelets to bags and even christmas snowflakes made of paper beads for Christmas trees which i found interesting.

Me rocking one of Matooke Designs necklaces

Matooke Designs bag

Matooke Designs snowflakes for the Christmas tree

There's so much more creativity flowing from this group and they have more products and ideas they are working on in future. Way to go Matooke Design!!

To purchase these lovely pieces or for more details about Matooke Designs, check out their blog HERE or their Facebook page HERE.

Thank you for popping in and do have a great day.

(All pictures are courtesy of Matooke Design)


  1. umm how do you say MUST HAVE!!! i love it! Thank you for this post!!!

  2. Thanxs so much @Ushagz...these paper beads are in deed a MUST HAVE


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