Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Current Temptation

Hi dear ones,

How is the week so far? i am pushing on well tho feeling loads of fatigue. Rest will do me great.

This post is for my love for the kitenge and ankara fabric. With the love i have, it is hard not to fall in love with the Ghanaian label Sika Designs. I like how fabrics are used to create very unique pieces and how they bring out a classic modern look which i like in my outfits.

I find Sika Designs to be one of the best African fashion brands out there. I would definitely rock their outfits and feel chic in them.

Check out the website HERE

Tell me what your feelings are about the collection.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day :)


  1. Erene, I checked the site. The designs are great, but the prices are something else...just saying! Leah

  2. Erene, Great Blog and posts :) I read your blog all the time! Likewise, I LOVE the designs but the prices are, for lack of better words; something else...

  3. @Leah and Nikita, thanxs for stopping by...i appreciate. I feel u on the price side, i feel the same. I do this to appreciate the designer and the good work put in it. Otherwise, keep popin and thanxs for your comments :)

  4. Love me dress number 2 i'll take it to my tailor I'll send you the look Erene

  5. Yeah One of my favorite African brands out there. Nice blog !!

    1. Thanxs Ciaa for stopping by :) Keep up the good job too.


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