Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Favourite Prabal Gurung Items

Favourite Prabal Gurung

Hi dear ones!

For a while i have been stocking the Prabal Gurung collection and i just love the lovely colourful pieces the collection has. I have almost drooled over each item. I have also admired how other bloggers have showcased this collection. This collection is not only beautiful and colourful but friendly to the pocket too (which is even a bonus).

These are a few items i love and how i wish we had Target Stores here. All in all i do keep my fingers crossed and hope Santa will shower me with an early Christmas present lol! For more information, visit the website HERE

Have a good one.


Friday, 22 March 2013

Get Away in Jinja


Halo dear ones!

Been a while since i posted anything. Well, a lot has been happening between juggling in between work, home, friends and many other things. All in all am glad to be able to connect with you all once again.

Yesterday i had a day off from work. A few friends of mine and i decided to visit a new spot in town and it was in deed worth our while. I had visited this place  couple of other times before but it is always nice connecting with friends with good food, good music and a lovely scenery to top it all.

I would definitely recommend this place for visit to anyone visiting Jinja town. It is built in a quiet place, not so far from River Nile and it has good standards running the place. This includes good food (Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisine), good staff willing to help where need be and a lovely scenery. 

NileResort2 NileResort3NileResort1NileResort4

I do hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a lovely day and weekend.

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