Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Today we all celebrate the birthday of our lovely sister Becky (a.k.a. my Bea 2/ doror) .... How lovely it has been seeing you grow year to year.

Miss the lovely times we had. You were my partner in crime, my shoulder to lean on, my late night marathon movie buddy, my baby girl/doror :) I just love u Becky.

I pray that as u are now sweet 16, you may be able to stand as a God fearing girl despite the winds of pressure to conform that will blow to you. You are wise and beautiful and do not need anyone to define who you are. Stand your ground and know we are the soldiers behind you praying for you and ready to get in any battle with you and for you. Remember how we stood with you when haters came your way, and we are still here standing with you.

We celebrate you on this day and we know God has a lot stored up for you. Keep trusting HIM and walking in HIS ways.

PS: the net has disappointed me, had so many lovely pics to share but oh well, this should work.

Bonne Anniversaire la belle!

Beaucoup des bisous...

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