Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!


Hi dear ones!

How is the new year so far? My year started on a good note and i am thankful. I have received so much love from family and friends. Last year was a tough one but i am so hopeful this year.


So my birthday was on the 13 January!!! yes i know its a late birthday post but better late than never. I had the best birthday ever and enjoyed every bit of it. Hubby took me on a get away and we celebrated the weekend away. The scenery was serene and breathtaking as we enjoyed nature at its best.




I wore this on my birthday and i loved every minute of it. Its one of those outfits that makes one celebrate womanhood. I added a touch of red lipstick, which i never wear! Well, a new year with new things (lets see how far i will go on with it). I love my tutu peplum top, which i featured HERE on my Christmas wish List, Santa was kind to grant me my wish. Thanks to my sister Binja for the lovely Christmas present. Love you to bits.


I received so much love from the Sunday school children in our church as they surprised me when they all sung for me "Happy Birthday!" ( I had to hold back my tears) they were just too precious. I also got so much love from Answering for The Children, they made amazing birthday cards with special messages just for me. Its amazing how insignificant you can feel while not knowing the impact you have on people. Thank you all so much, thank you to all who took their time to wish me a happy birthday and a prosperous New Year.... I wish you back a Happy New Year and many blessings to you all.


Well, i think i have said too much. Its been so long since i said anything. I have been thinking about this blog and how to make it better this year. Theres going to be few changes here and there but all in all its for the betterment of the blog. I will stop here now... I wish you all a good day/night. Keep popping in for a read. Many thanks to all who leave comments on the page, they do give me a smile at the end of the day.

Loads of love.


  1. You look great, and that lipstick definitely suits you! Way to rock it.



    1. Thank you so much Esther. Ill try and make use of it more often. Thanxs for stopping by.

  2. Happy birthday love !!! you look gorgeous in your peplum top.


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