Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Taking 1 Minute - Highlight

Hi dear ones?

I thank God for the opportunity to see a new week. Boy am I glad the year is also coming to an end. Love the holiday season as this is the time I get to meet family members I have not seen in years. What are your holidays plans? Have you guys made any? (Or am I planning too early :))

Anyway, I had a long lovely weekend. On Friday I woke up to lovely scents of Swahili spices that filled the atmosphere as women cooked delicious dishes to celebrate Eid. Men,women and children rushed their way to the mosque for prayer and afterwards to celebrate the day. I got to meet friends I had not seen in a while at an Eid party.  We had a great time chatting and just feasting the afternoon away. There was lovely Swahili and Ugandan traditional food i.e. pilau, barbecued goat meat, chapatti, groundnut sauce, matooke, chicken etc. 

Saturday was beautiful as hubby and I headed to the capital city Kampala (which is 2 hours away) with Deidra and Joe for a double date day out. I have featured Deidra and Joe a couple of times on this blog. We had a great time as we were catching up and singing to lovely tunes as we drove away. We first started off by going to the movies to watch Sparkle. Now I must say I love this movie. It got me laughing, excited and crying a couple of times. I would definitely recommend this movie for watching.

Oasis Mall in Kampala, one good get away place with good shopping places and restaurants.

We enjoyed lunch at this lovely Italian restaurant called Mediterraneo Restaurant. I just loved the beautiful décor that was topped up with great customer care and lovely ambience of Italian music in the background. The food was scrumptious and the desert was heavenly. Let me just say I enjoyed myself.

Lovely dessert, Deidra would agree with me :)

Got gifted this lovely book mark from Deidra. Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you so much. It gives me the oomph to get more books to read ;)

PS: sorry for the picture quality, i used my phone to capture this, but i think it did a great job, though not compared to the professional camera.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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