Friday, 26 October 2012

Cook out :)

Hi guys!

Today am all smiles as it is a public holiday hence a long weekend.  How I enjoy kicking back and just relax through the days, although most of the time I end up getting something to do in the house. I always find myself getting a corner or room in the house that I want to work on in terms of putting order or redecorating. If it is in my room, I end up rearranging the room or color-coding the things in my closet. People who know me well know I cannot stay in disorder, I always find something to fix (which is not good all the time, I need to learn to just relax.)

Anyway, about today’s post, I know I have not posted on food before. I am meant to share with you some recipes of food I enjoy. I am not the best chef in town, but I can surely fix something good to put a smile on a hungry tummy. I cooked this yesterday after work for dinner. It is mashed potatoes, fish, plantain and carrot salad. I do my best in each meal to make it as healthy as possible hence I avoid over cooking food and try eating it in its natural state. So far I enjoy the food Uganda has to offer as you find food in its greenest form (if there’s something like that). I enjoy the huge pineapples, mangoes, carrots, and vegetables we buy from the market, which are also affordable as compared to other places, I have been.

Have a great weekend good people


  1. Sister if that is what is for dinner at your house.....I AM ON MY WAY OVER!!!!

    1. You are welcome Kendra :) anything for u dear one :)


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